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From advertising jobs to making offers, get everything you need to attract and hire better employees — in less time.
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Source & Attract

Find and attract

Fill your pipeline quickly with one-click job posting to multiple websites and more.
Careers page builder
One-click posting to multiple job sites
Easy social sharing and referrals
Evaluate & Collaborate

Move the right
applicants forward

Collaborate with hiring teams to evaluate applicants, gatherfeedback and decide who's best, all in one recruiting system.
Structured interview plan for each job resulting in streamlined candidate pipeline
Interview kit for a structured interview process and ensure that every candidate is assessed accurately and consistently:
Collaborate and collect actionable feedback from the hiring team
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Dashboard mockup
Automate & Hire

Employee experience begins with recruitment

Keep your candidates seamlessly engaged and informed throughout the hiring process

Automated Notifications

Keep your candidates informed at all stages of hiring from interview reminders to stage updates.

Track performance and recruiting reports and analytics

Instantly see the data that matters. And share it with those it matters to most.
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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.
What is Zoopy?
Zoopy is a cloud-based recruitment software or applicant tracking system (ATS) that gives HR teams and recruitment agencies the digital tools needed to fill roles quickly and efficiently. It's free to try, and it requires no on-premise software or data storage. From sourcing candidates to prepping them for onboarding, Zoopy will help you manage your entire talent pipeline from a single tool.
Do you offer a Free Trial?
Yes, We do offer a free 30 day trial for you to access the complete product
How can I get access to the product?
The product is currently under a beta rollout. Once you fill the form below on this page, our team will get in touch and you would receive an email along with your free 3 months early access benefit as soon as we're ready to rollout. We're looking forward to your early feedbacks.
Why do I need automation in recruitment?
Automation is the bread and butter of most hiring platforms. Recruitment comes with a lot of routine tasks that are critical to get right, such as parsing resumes, providing application updates, scheduling interviews, and sending those all-important offer letters. With automated workflows in Zoopy, these tasks get handled automatically as a candidate moves through your hiring pipeline. This gives you more bandwidth to focus on developing stronger candidate and client relationships.
Are there any additional benefits for early users?
Yes, all early access users get a free 90 days access to the product. We value your feedbacks to help us build the right solutions.
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